Tui Sutherland: The author of ‘Avatars trilogy’ and ‘This Must Be Love’

Tui Sutherland was born in 31st of July, 1978 in Caracas, Venezuela; she is the author of children`s book. Tui Sutherland has also written under the pen name “Heather Williams,” she lives with her husband and dog named as the sunshine in Boston, Massachusetts whose superpowers include woofing at noises no one besides Tui Sutherland can hear and hiding half chewed things in the divan. Tui Sutherland is also the author of first 2 books in the “Avatars trilogy” plus “This Must Be Love”. Tui Sutherland also shares an additional pen name “Erin Hunter” with writers “Cherith Baldry” and “Kate Cary” when they work in partnership with editor “Victoria Holmes” on the “Seekers and Warriors” (a series of novels). Tui Sutherland enlarged her streak to two days as a “Jeopardy” champion on 29th of June, 2009 (Monday).

Her name is associated with a noisy New Zealand bird, Tui Sutherland loves post-apocalyptic stories and lost civilizations. She has a chronic end of the world dreams (perhaps a side effect of being a Buffy fan!).
The details of her book given below…

• So This Is How It Ends
• Shadow Falling
• Kingdom Of Twilight
Mo and Ella
• Meet Mo and Ella (2001)
• Fun with Mo and Ella (2002)
Glitter Tattoo Books
• Monster Party (with glitter tattoos) (2000)
• Silly Creepy Crawlies (with glitter tattoos) (2000)
• Glittering Galaxies: A Trip Through the Stars (with glitter tattoos) (2001)

Warriors series
• Warriors: Secrets of The Clans (2007)
Other Books
• Kermit’s Mixed-Up Valentines (co-written with Emily Sollinger) (2001)
• Hide and Go Peep! (2001)
• Who Was Harry Houdini? (2002)
• This Must Be Love (2004)
• Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007)
• He’s With Me (I Heart Bikinis) (2007)
• Nellie Oleson Meets Laura Ingalls (Little House) (2007)



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