Jemima Khan Tweet about Kate Middleton’s Hips

Jemima Khan was the close friend of the late Princess Diana and known both the Princes William and Harry when they were the small child. When the reports suggest that she had not got the Royal Wedding ceremony invitation, then she was abruptly rubbish the claim.

Jemima, who is 37, has been frozen out due to the comment that she made for the better half of Prince William about her figure on the social networking site Twitter.

So due to this reason, she is not in the 1900 guests who are invited to attend the wedding ceremony and on Twitter she writes that Kate Middleton those are not the heir-bearing hips? Unfeasibly narrow.

A source told to the paper: it seems that she is very friendly with the Prince and, on the other hand, has been expected the invitation. After that, she re-posted in which she removed the second phase of unfeasibly narrow.

Jemima is the women who divorce from the former Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan and him she has two sons, said that she was not unkind to Middleton. She said that I was not unkind and would not every girl to have impossible narrow hips.

She further said that some followers banned her due to only this reason that she removed the second phase of the text that she posted on Twitter. At present this text will not be seen on her page and when the news reporter asked her for commenting about the story than she replied that usual rubbish.


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