Firm Launches Breast Milk Ice Cream

There is one restaurant in London who says that he is selling the ice cream made by breast milk and is served to the customers in the cocktail glass. Icecreamists named it as dish Baby Gaga at the price of £14. Victoria Hiley, who is of 35, provides first 30 fluid ounces and this amount is enough for making the ice cream to the first 50 serves.

The company in London said that they are searching for the women who can give them breast milk and in the return they will give £15 for ten ounces. A costumed Baby Gaga waitress is in the restaurant who serves it to the customers in the martini glass filled.
The breast milk is blended with the pods of Madagascan vanilla and with lemon zest, and then it churned into ice cream. The martini glass has liquid nitrogen which is poured into it with the help of a syringe and is served to the customers with risk. But on the request of customers, it can be served with whisky or cocktail.

For maintaining the highest standard, the health checks for lactating women are same as used by NHS for the screen blood donors. Ms Hiley added that it was not disturbing for donating it completely. She is working with those women who are facing the problems of breastfeeding to babies, and she said that if adults realize that how much it tasty then new mothers will be willing to breastfeed their newborns.


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