Monju Begum, Bangladeshi woman cut down Man’s penis, when he attempted to rape her

Monju Begum

Bangladeshi woman Monju Begum cut down a Man’s penis in a self-defense when a man tried to rape her; she presented the chopped penis at the police station as evidence.

Monju Begum who is 40 years old, a married mother of three kids, told police that her neighboring Mozammel Haq forced her for sex in her hut and tried to rape her. she told he had been harassing her since months.

The incident took place in Mirzapur village. It’s about 200 km away from south of the capital, Dhaka.

Mozammel was taken to hospital where he is being treated, he is denying the accusation

He says he was having an affair with Monju Begum, when he refused to settle down with her, he attacked at him in revenge.

As Mozammel tried to rape her the lady chopped his manhood; Monju was sleeping when the man entered in her small house and tried to rape her; says police chief Abdul Khair.

Police told that she wrapped up the penis in polyethene and brought it to the police station as an evidence of a crime.

Mozammel is also a married man, having five kids; it is told as he will be recovered he will be arrested.

Surgeons tried to reattach the penis but they had been unable because several hours had been passed when chopped penis was brought at the hospital.

Mozammel says I had been having an affair with this lady. She had a desire that we both escape from here and settle down in Dhaka, the capital city. I refused to do so. I myself have kids and wife, I can not leave them. When I expressed my denial she got angry at me, as an act of revenge she cut off my manhood.


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