Nude Posing of Anthony Weiner at Congressional Gym

New York Rep. Anthony Weiner is facing another challenge. His nude posing pictures at Congressional gym have been released.

TMZ the entertainment website, on Sunday, released 11 photographs of Mr. Weiner; these pictures had been taken at House gym. Since the release of these photographs, there is new question arising about the confidential use of Congressional facilities during online exchanges. Out of these photographs one shows Mr. Weiner, posing with a towel covering his crotch. There is another photograph which shows him in a blue tank-top posing on gym floor. These pictures are taken by Weiner with his Blackberry in a locker room.

He has sent one of these photographs online to at least one woman.

Mr. Anthony Weiner’s spokesman refuses to comment anything at this.

Since last weeks pressure on Mr. Weiner had been increasing to leave the House and spare the Democratic Party due to scandal. This scandal has been increasing the embarrassment for the party since the day it was leaked out.

But this Friday, at the revelation of Weiner’s trading of private messaging with 17 years old girl in Delaware, has made his situation worst in the Democratic Party and among public as well.

On Saturday, Ms. Pelosi demanded Weiner to resign. Even though after a short time this appeal from Ms Pelosi, Mr. Weiner had said he is undergoing a psychological treatment. And he is considering taking leave from the House to deal with his pattern of reckless online behavior with women.

To resign the House is the 2nd appeal after Ms. Pelosi, keep in mind Steve Israel, representative of New York, chairman of Democratic Congressional Campaign has already demanded Anthony Weiner to resign from party due to this scandal.


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