Tracie Andrews killed her fiance Lee Harvey

The most dishonorable killer of the Britain Tracie Andrews has been bailed out from the custody this week after having been served her period of punishment against violating the law regarding to the burglary act that took place when she deprived illegally a family of a dearly loved son.

Tracie Andrews still not ready to accept for what she has done regarding the killing of Lee Harvey, which she did by an act of vicious knife attack upon his various parts of the body. Andrews, 41, declared it persistently that it is now her basic right to decide that how she will look her future.

Tracie Andrews will in future planned to recognize by the name Tia Carter and has had a major operation regarding to modify her typical jaw and tinted her flaxen hair brown. Before this killing incident in which Tracie Andrews murder her fiance Lee Harvey, the ex barmaid has been found guilty and has been punished a lifetime sentence, in an allegation of a murder of Mr. Harvey, 25, in 1996 during a string as they gaggle in a country road. In this vicious murder Andrews she scratched his throat and attacked upon him with a sharp penknife in the back, face, neck and chest.

After leaving him in position where he was neither claimed to be alive nor declared to be a dead person, Tracie Andrews cruelly went of from the place of murder, and pretended a story regarding to this murder by declaring it an incident which happened in a result of an assault by the other driver.

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