WWE Survivor Series: The Rock returns to wrestling

The Rock plays to the Madison Square Garden crowd.

The Rock, in his first fight since he goes to Hollywood for seven years, showed no signs of ring rust in a triumphant return to the ring on Sunday night at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Anyone following WWE programming in recent months it was known that the hook for the 2012 edition of Survivor Series, long before the pay-per-view broadcast began Sunday night at Madison Square Garden. The Rock was back, returning to an organization and a place that means a lot for his career.

Yes, The Rock has action hero biceps, a big smile, and a public adores. Yes, he made a roaring return at Survivor Series at Madison Square Garden on Sunday. And yes, it’s a Hollywood superstar now, too.

Wrestling superstar The Rock, whose real name is Dwayne Johnson, once the biggest name in the WWE – the big screen actor associated with the poster boy and rival of the current company, John Cena, in the main event at annual Survivor Series pay-per-view spectacular. It was the 25th anniversary of the event has become a tradition in November.

The duo defeated the evil fighting R-Truth and the Miz in front of over 17,000 fans, who chanted throughout is his first wrestling match, “Rocky! Rocky!”

After the first moments of the wrestling match, supporters know that The Rock ‘Dwayne Johnson’ had not lost a step despite his long absence from the ring.

“You still got it!” Shouted the fans, who encouraged The Rock not to involve his partner in the match. “Don’t tag John Cena!” fans said.

The Rock nailed his signature “Rock Bottom” and won the match with his trademark “People’s Elbow” of the Miz.

While the Rock and John Cena emerged victorious, the association at one time probably never happens again. The trash-talking superstars, who for months have been involved in an intense war of words, are scheduled to fight each other on the biggest stage of the company: Wrestlemania XXVIII in Miami in April.

After the match, the Rock put an exclamation point on the victory; he slammed Cena to the mat.

The Rock, however, revealed Hollywood has rubbed off on him after the match.

Rock jumped into the microphone and made demands. “Can the Rock get some water?” He asked after the match.

He also responded to the fans in the early chants of “You still got it,” saying: “I’ve always had it.”

According to CM Punk, Johnson has made little effort to interact with the rest of the WWE, a show that is in desperate need of a superstar. WWE has struggled to find a new generation of stars, and the ratings have shown that stumbles.

WWE considers that the execution of The Rock cameos that serve to drum interest for his Wrestlemania fight with John Cena, will help encourage the action. But Punk says it’s killing the locker room.

“I have my beef with John Cena, and I have my things that I don’t like Cena, but you know what I try to tell him every day,” said Punk. “For The Rock to criticize, come on.”

So is this new ‘Rock’ in a diva? Well, um, not quite.

“I can’t say that,” CM Punk said. “At least the WWE Divas say hi to me in the halls.”

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