‘I can’t sleep tonight': Kim Kardashian put out a faith-picture on Twitter

In conjunction with Kim Kardashian wrote "Can't sleep at night" on Twitter, she laid out in this picture.

The nights that Kim Kardashian has insomnia

When Kim Kardashian has trouble sleeping seems she is not counting sheep.

Instead, it is applicable Twitter.

There, she shared a scantily clad picture of herself.

It was the night between Tuesday and Wednesday American time that Kim Kardashian beauty sleep would not come.

“Can’t sleep tonight…,” she wrote in short, on Twitter. ¨

So what to do?

Of course, attach the panty picture you see above into the comment.

On Wednesday also released more scantily clad pictures of Kim with her ​​siblings Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian. The photos are taken in connection with the sister trio launches a joint underwear collection, writes People.com.

“Is carelessly”

All this in the wake of the “Mad Men” actor Jon Hamm, 40, recently called Kim, just like Paris Hilton, the “idiots” in British Elle.

Kim Kardashian, 31, was quick to comment on the statement. And of course on Twitter: “We are all working hard and we must respect each other. To call someone who runs his own business, is part of a successful television series, writing, design and create the” stupid “is carelessly.”

Then took Hamm – who now busy in the upcoming season of TV series “Mad Men” – speak out once again and said recently to the E! News: I don’t know Ms. Kardashian. I know of her public personality. What I said was meant to be about the impact of our culture and was not personal, but she took offense at, and it is her right.”

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