Belgian military repatriated wounded in Afghanistan


NCO Belgian suffered a “serious injury” during a mission in Afghanistan was repatriated on Monday afternoon in Belgium and transferred to a Belgian hospital, said the Ministry of Defence.

The transfer to Belgium from the German hospital in Mazar-e Sharif (northern Afghanistan) where he was hospitalized and operated on was made with Belgian aircraft repatriation and an American, said in a statement.

The plane of the Belgian Defence landed at about 5:15 p.m. at the military airport of Melsbroek.

“The military was then immediately transferred to a civilian hospital where treatment is provided to him,” concludes the text.

This is a non-commissioned officer 37 years old and belonging to the battalion of the Ardennes Hunters of Marche-en- Famenne, currently deployed in Kunduz (Northern Afghanistan) as part of an “Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team” (OMLT in NATO parlance) to oversee a unit of the Afghan army.

His identity was not revealed, but his family had been informed of his health problem.

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