Cameron Diaz loves old


Far from the considerations of the majority of her colleagues in Hollywood, Cameron Diaz does not worry wrinkles that appear on her face and body aging.

The actress, who will celebrate her fortieth birthday in August 2012, likes her body even more than when she was twenty, and told The Sun she loved grow old.

“My buttocks are really more rounded than when I was twenty years. But that’s what people do not understand: take care of your body and it will be more beautiful! It becomes so much better as and as I get older!” said the star.

And Cameron Diaz does not see that physical benefits occur over the years.

She also believes that maturity is very nice.

“I like growing old. I think it’s a chance. The alternative to aging is death. So I feel very lucky to have a full life, full of love and luck, and I am living,” said Diaz, adding that more old knows it, the more she was happy.

“I am wiser, I know myself better and I connect better with people,” she concluded.

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