Rihanna topless in the latest video

She is not exactly shy: Rihanna parts topless pictures with fans on Facebook

Rihanna appears naked in her latest video, something that is very proud, so she published a lot of behind the scene footage filming “Where Have You Been”. She appears with her ​​breasts covered by a design that imitates crocodile skin.

Superstar Rihanna has poured out one hit after another in recent years. And usually accompanied songs from a music video where it’s not just dance steps to the 24-year-old from Barbados to be noticed.

Rihanna seems to be very happy to show off, and when her last video was released in late April, it was no exception.

In the video for the song “Where Have You Been” is a consistently scantily clad Rihanna showing up the bestial side of her.

Let out lots of pictures

With crocodile make modest located on the most appropriate locations on the body (including over the breasts) she made sure not to show too much, while other scenes she held her hand placed over the most delicate body parts.

Now, however, she shocked again. Facebook users who follow superstar got a little bit of a surprise yesterday. Then she laid out the 190 pictures taken backstage during recording of the music video.

The pictures show how including crocodile makeup was applied, and since the vast majority of the photos shows a topless Rihanna can only wonder how the album stands up against Facebook’s small conservative picture rules.

Set aside 25 million

Rihanna can still revel in massive feedback and even more attention. Video for the song “Where Have You Been” is already seen by over 25 million online.

On Facebook, she shares the images from dance exercises in advance of the video recordings. There was no dancing because that was the centerpiece of the video for Rihanna herself.

I had never recorded this video, if I could not do choreography. It would be quite pointless and disappointing, she said.


Rihanna is now working on her acting career in earnest. When the film “Battleship” premiered in Los Angeles this week, she explained why she will over to the film world.

I have always thought, after I started making music videos, that this was something I’d be interested in. I didn’t know if I would do something good, but I tried, thanks to director Peter Berg and Universal, she said.

I did my homework, and it was an awesome experience. You learned while doing it, she added.

BOLD: This is one of the nearly 200 pictures Rihanna share with fans on Facebook.

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