STP ready to fight against division of Sindh

HYDERABAD: Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party (STP) has asked government to remove all posters, wall chalking and banners of Muhajir Sooba from the cities and towns of Sindh within 72 hours otherwise their workers themselves would do this task come what be and would face any kind of eventuality for which Sindh government and MQM will be held responsible. Addressing news conference here on Saturday the leadership of STP vice chairman Hyder Shahani, secretary general Rajab Memon, Nandlal Malhi, Hot Khan Gadahi, Muzaffar Kalhoro and others said that since there has been unleashed conspiracy by Mutehida Qaumi Movement to divide Sindh under patronisation of Sindh government. Under that plan MQM has been bringing in NA 20th amendment bill. The STP had apprehended at that time that this was part of conspircy to divide Sindh. Their apprehensions proved right when during last few days the posters, wall chalkings and big sign boards in Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Mirpurkhas and other cities. They said the campaign for Muhajir Sooba was being run in a fashion that suggests involvement of MQM and Sindh government. They said that the rallies and processions of Muhajir Sooba were allowed to be held in red zone that is near governor house but on the other hand the demonstrations and rallies of teachers and lady health workers, nurses were not allowed to be held in Karachi and were shelled with tear gas and firing as well water cannons. The protesting nurses were dragged by hair on roads and arrested after shelling while the enemies of Sindh who took out rally were given cold drinks and juices. This they added means that the Sindh government was directly involved in this conspiracy. They said Sindh was a country since more than 5000 years and shall remain intact. It was motherland of Sindhi people who would never tolerate its division. They said that 60 million Sindhis were ready even today to die for their motherland but would not allow any enemy of Sindh to divide it. They warned government to remove the chalkings, hoardings and banners of Muhajir Sooba withing 72 hours otherwise people of Sindh and workers of STP would remove same with full force and if any situation arises out of it they were ready to face and that government and MQM would be responsible for eventuality. They also made appeal to Urdu speaking people of Sindh that as they also live in Sindh the STP asks them to join hands with them to foil conspiracy of Muhajir Sooba.

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