Pope’s butler Paolo Gabriele faces trial

Paolo Gabriele

VATICAN CITY (TLT): The Vatican a judicial process start against Paolo Gabriele, the butler of the Pope arrested in possession of confidential documents and suspected to have triggered the crisis called “vatileaks”.

In an official statement the spokesman of the Apostolic See, Federico Lombardi, officially the employee’s identity as the person papal arrested Wednesday afternoon on May 23 in unlawful possession of confidential reports. Just yesterday the same Lombardi had reported an arrest without indicating the name of the detained, although several sources of Vatican pointed to one of the partners closest Benedict, a member of the “papal family”.

In its statement today, the spokesman said that is completed the first phase of “preliminary investigation” conducted under the direction of the promoter of justice (prosecutor), Nicola Picardi, and began the phase of “formal instruction” conducted by the magistrate Piero Antonio Bonnet. “The preliminary investigation will continue until it is acquired an adequate picture of the situation under investigation, then the judge dictates the release or referral to trial,” he added.

He further informed that the accused has appointed two lawyers of their confidence, authorized to practice before the court Vatican, and was able to find them. “They may assist in the successive stages of the procedure. He enjoys all the legal guarantees provided in the penal codes in force in the State of the City of the Vatican” established.

Lombardi said that the room where he lived Gabriele, his wife and three children, is within the territory of the Vatican (and not, as had transpired yesterday), so all the research in progress is close competition of papal judges. “In the Vatican all know, certainly there is shock and pain, and great affection for his family, which is much loved. The family’s desire is that you can pass this test, “pondered.

Meanwhile, Butler spent his third night in a security camera of the Vatican Gendarmerie headquarters  Although still not checked, it appears that Gabriele had photocopied hundreds of pages of documents reserved in the apartment of Pope , and would have leaked to several Italian journalists. The crisis erupted in January when the Italian press published a series of letters in which it was alleged influence peddling , abuse of power and acts of corruption in various tenders for works in the “world’s smallest state.”

In the following months, followed by a series of leaks about the hottest topics of the current pontificate, causing a scandal dubbed by the same spokesman Lombardi as “vatileaks”. The latest chapter in this story was written last Saturday with the release of the book ‘His Holiness’. The secret letters of Benedict XVI the Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi, which released numerous confidential reports. Simultaneously, the Vatican announced the establishment of an internal committee to investigate the leak of news made ​​by the Cardinals Julian Herranz, a member of the apostolic prelature Opus Dei, Joseph Tomko and Salvatore De Gregori.


Gabriele Paolo would have fallen into some contradictions and answers aroused perplexity. So took out a home inspection. Federico Lombardi said that “it is unthinkable in a short time for research which will be submitted to the butler, and provided that if necessary, meet other acts, will be fulfilled. ” Vatican judges to decide, among other things, if they apply to Italy prosecute and make their sentences in that country where the violation letters is an offense under the Constitution that penalties can reach up to 30 years in prison.

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