Tribesmen in Khyber Agency boycott anti-polio vaccination drive

A child receives polio drops during a polio eradication programme

LANDI KOTAL: Sultan Khel tribe in Khyber Agency boycotted the polio vaccines campaign.

At five of polio teams have been sent back from Sultan Khel tribe in Khyber, hospital sources informed.

The tribe’s elders have been convinced to administer polio drops to their children, administration sources said. More than eight hundred children will be deprived of polio vaccines if the boycott continues.

The tribesmen belonging to Khyber Sultan Khel tribe carried out boycott to the three days polio vaccines’ campaign in Landikotal. The continuous break down of the power supply to Landikotal has prompted the tribesmen to refuse polio drops to their children in the area, arguing that if the political administration , TESCO and grid officials were bent upon depriving them of their due right of power, they would not allow anyone to carry on the polio vaccines’ campaign in the area.

“We had already announced to go on boycott the polio vaccines in Khyber if the power supply suspension or the over excessive load shedding and the unfair and mistreatment of the grid officials at Landikotal continues in Khyber”, the people of the area said.

“We had requested the administration to spend some of the money for providing them with generators so that they could run their tube wells to meet their water requirements, but those voices fell on deaf ears, which led us to boycott the polio drops to their children”, Ahmad Shah Afridi” told.

He said that Wali Khel, Sadu Khel and Sheikhwal tribes would also boycott the polio campaign on the second day of the campaign if the power supply is not restored maximum to cater to their drinking water needs in the area. Prominent families have refused polio drops to their children in protest against the constant break down of electricity in Khyber, a Khasadar personnel informed.

An official of Khasadar Force told that the elders’ jirga of Sultan Khel tribe was convened, which held successful negotiations with Tehsildar Landikotal Arshad Khan. The Tehsildar Landikotal convinced the elders to let their children be administered polio drops, which they agreed conditionally by saying that administration would take serious interest to resolve their over excessive load shedding problem in Khyber Sultan Khel, the official quoted the jirga as saying.

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