Kate Middleton’s expensive clothing for camping?

Kate Middleton Aids Charity By Attending The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

It’s not been long since the commoner Kate Middleton became a part of the Royal Family and the Duchess of Cambridge but it seems like it that Kate has already started to get accustomed to the Royal proceedings and activities. This can be judged by her involvement with the inner city schoolchildren. She has participated in going on a camping trip with them wearing her $600 leather-lined gumboots.

The boots she wore were made by a 80-year old French bootmaker which ultimately came in handy at her camping trip. Kate was dressed in skinny blue jeans which was a make of the store “Zara” alongside a khakhi jumper matching her burberry shirt assisted by a waterproof waistcoat designed by an outdoor clothing company “Really Wild.”

The aim and objective of the camping trip progamme is to encourage children from inner-city backgrounds to undertake into the countryside thus developing joint effort, character and confidence. The Duchess gave the children an imminent into how she was taking to life as a noble, disclosing that she was spoilt rotten by her husband Prince William. She told the children that her job was “very busy and great fun,” and she was “very well looked after”. One of the children asked her how long she would sit on the throne, she replied: “It’s not actually my job yet”.

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