Alibaba and the Chinese thieves

Alibaba and the Chinese thieves

Everyone must have heart the name of the Arabian fairytale titled “Alibaba and forty thieves”. Now with the changes of time, the same “Alibaba” is back with an entire nation named CHINESE, who are continuing to cheat people around the world, while their activities are well protected and guarded by the rogue Chinese administrative system. China has already earned huge bad name by counterfeiting most of the globally acclaimed international brands including Toshiba, Sony, Panasonic, Apple, Asus, Intel, Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend, Phillips, General, Samsung, LG, Akai, HP, Epson, JVC, GE, Cannon, Nikon, Yashica, Yamaha, Roland, TAMA, Alice, KORG, Maxwell, Verbatim, Olympus, Honda, Suzuki, Rolex, Omega, Seiko, Rado, Mont Blanc, Parker, Waterman, Armani, Calvin Klein, Channel etcetera and etcetera. It is also rumored that China is printing counterfeit American dollars, Euros and even Indian and Pakistani Rupees on a regular basis, and putting the same into circulation through its “netizen” mafias based in Hong Kong and Macao as well as the mainland. In one word, Chinese are in today’s world known as forgers, counterfeiters and fraudsters.

While Chinese thieves are continuing stealing money from hundreds and thousands of people around the world almost 24X7, all the Chinese web portals, include Alibaba are giving opportunity to these gangs in continuing their illegal activities simply because these Chinese thieves pay certain amount of money to Alibaba as membership fees every year, while many consider such membership fees as mere bribes. It is well proven fact that Chinese politicians, big bosses of the ruling Communist Party, its army and non-military administration are indulged into massive corruption and crime, while China is creating a new generation of thieves and criminals, who might continue looting wealth of the international community for many decades from now. There is no law in China to stop these criminals. Rather the state machinery and its corrupt system give patronization to such activities. In the eyes and philosophies of Chinese people, stealing money from people around the world is justified because those who are looted are “class enemies” of the communists.

The entire Chinese population is totally rogue and its people are such money-mongers, that any Chinese girl or female can be laid to bed by anyone, who could simply offer them “lucrative” amount of money. It is commonly believed in China that, every Chinese women and girls are ready in selling their bodies, if they get “nice” price. In other words, this is a country with people either already involved into prostitution or very much inclined in selling their bodies, simply in exchange of some material benefit. Women in China, till date, do not enjoy any respectable position in the society, and possibly Chinese women are the only species in today’s world, who are treated like mere animals by their male partners. With the inflow of huge cash within the societies with the growth in industrial sectors, the entire Chinese nation is running after money – by hook or crook, while every women in the nation are ready offering their vagina and womb to anyone, in exchange of money. Though China has gained some status economically, in social sense, this nation has become nothing but a huge brothel. Morality has gone into extinction from the Chinese society, especially from the women. According to survey conducted by a Hong Kong based organization, almost ninety-nine percent of the Chinese girls sell their virginity to other men in exchange of money, while the birth rate of children without father has sharply increased and now crosses the percentage of 20.
Scam, scammer, scamming:

Chinese people are “brilliant” in learning any evil trick. They learnt the trick of counterfeiting foreign products and are labeled at champion violators of copy rights and patent rights. Now the same nation has already become prominent in the world as scammers who are infamous for scam and scamming. According to information available on the web, every month, Chinese fraudsters steal more than US$ 100 million from various people around the world. These Chinese scammers and fraudsters have entered most of the social and business sites such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Twitter, Alibaba, Baidu, QQ etcetera. In all of these sites, Chinese devils are hunting foreigners to scam them and run away with their money. Economic analysts believe the frequency of fraud and cheating by the Chinese scammers are already crossing all past records, including those of the Nigerian, Cameroon and other African rackets.

For years, the Chinese traders and exporters are following the ridiculous practice of asking the buyers of any products for placing 30-50 percent of the total cost in advance through TT, Money Gram, Western Union etc, while most of them decline accepting letters of credit by showing numerous excuses. Most of the buyers of Chinese products are rather forced to place such advance payment simply considering the price advantages. Most importantly, almost ninety percent of these Chinese scammers, cheaters and frauds are legally legitimate companies having licenses issued by the Chinese government with bank accounts with various banks in China. According to information, only during May-June 2012, more than five thousand complaints of such scam, cheating and fraud by the Chinese companies were filled by various international buyers, and in most cases, there had never been any action taken against the scammers, cheaters and frauds in China.

On investigation on the web and various tools, names of the following Chinese scammers, frauds and cheaters are already traced initially though the real number is several hundred times higher:

1. Xingtai Hengsiman Trading Co., Ltd
2. Pengfei (or Peng Fei) Electronic Technology Company Limited
3. Sasol Group China Company Limited
4. Hongkong HaiYuns Electronic Wholesale Co., Ltd
5. Hong Kong XMmobileshop Electronic Wholesale Co., Ltd
6. Ningbo Dragon Source Import and Export Ltd
7. China Goodwin Industrial Co., Ltd
8. Huabo Trading Company
9. Ectime (Xiamen) International Trade Limited
10. Fujian Huamin Export & Import Co., Ltd
11. Xiamen Jinhuaxing Import & Export Co., Ltd
12. Flying Global Trading Co., Ltd
13. Jiashi electronics trade Co,. Ltd
14. Fujian Xingfu Co. Ltd
15. Amazing Sports Goods Company Limited
16. Ann Toy Company Limited
17. Shenzhen Cisung Technology Co. Ltd
18. Very Good International Development Co., Ltd
19. Quanzhou Yuanhua Communication Equipment Co., Ltd
20. Quanzhou Licheng New Super-Plastic Co., Ltd
21. Vak Trade Company
22. Qingdao Fashion Center Plastic Corp. Ltd
23. Fubei Electric Appliance Co., Ltd
24. Hai-Gan Trade Co., Ltd
25. Shanghai Cooer Trading Co., Ltd
26. Ningbo K-Mart International Industry Co., Ltd
27. Shengzhou Yuelong Tie & Dress Co., Ltd
28. Berden Trading Co Ltd
29. Shanghai Cooer Trade Co
30. Shanghai HL Trading Company Limited
31. Guangzhou Fanghua Mechanical & Electrical Factory
32. Xiamen Uam Trade (International) Co., Ltd
33. Sun Wealth Electronic International Ltd,. Co
34. Shijiazhuang Ally Sage Trading Co., Ltd
35. Shanghai A-Trading Import and Export Co., Ltd
36. Sun Wealth Electronic International Ltd,. Co
37. Shenzhen Global Market Electronic Co., Ltd
38. Bemtrade Xiamen (International) Co., Ltd
39. Xiamen Xin Ai Lin Fashion Co., Ltd

Commenting on the remedies for the cheated foreign buyers, leading Chinese lawyers said, it is not easy for the cheated foreigners in getting justice in China unless they hire a lawyer and spend money and energy to get the scammers punished. It said, “By complaining with the Chinese Embassy of the authorities concerned, the scammed foreigners actually get nothing! In other words, in most cases, Chinese embassies are more interested in protecting their own citizen, even if they are criminals and frauds.”

He said, “Even Alibaba protects the scammers and allows them to continue in that site with their nefarious activities of scamming innocent people. Alibaba is actually a platform of the scammers, cheaters and frauds.”

A Chinese company named Xingtai Hengsiman Trading Co., Ltd, Room 402, Unit 2, 4/F, Building 21, A Area, Fushi Road, Qiaoxi District, Xingtai City, China, Phone:+86-319-2581455, Fax: 86-319-2581400, Web:, where people named Frank Gao is running the entire racket through girls named Jenny Ren, Alice etcetera alone has cheated more than fifty customers around the world only during January-June this year. Most dangerous information is, this Xingtai Hengsiman Trading Co., Ltd shipped many consignments of used cooking oil mixed with sewage oil in the name of refined cooking oil to various customers around the world.

In November 24, 2011, it exported oil from Tianjin port to Mersin Port in Turkey by “MAERSK KUANTAN” (ECMU4434656, SEAL BO165124; CMAU8029216, SEAL B0164334; INBU5453185, SEAL B0165080), shipped on board 30 December 2011, where Xingtai Hengsiman Trading Co., Ltd forged the ‘Shangjian’ certificate, which is mandatory for export of edible oil. This ‘Shangjian’ certificate is issued by the Ministry of Commerce in China. Though Xingtai Hengsiman Trading Co., Ltd forged this official document of the Chinese Commerce Ministry, there had never been any action initiated against them by the Chinese authorities. While there had been countrywide drive against used cooking oil and sewage oil in China, and hundreds of Chinese traders were sent to prison or executed in firing squad for selling sewage oil in the domestic market and exporting internationally, Xingtai Hengsiman Trading Co., Ltd remains untouchable simply because, its front desk mastermind Frank Gao is connected to Chinese Communist Party! According to existing Chinese law, if any citizen of that country is found in forging official documents, he or she shall be executed in firing squad for such huge crime. And important note here, Xingtai Hengsiman Trading Co., Ltd is a “Gold Member” for a year on site!

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