AT to field candidates on 33 PS seats

HYDERABAD: Awami Tehrik has finalised names of its candidates for the forthcoming general elections and has decided to field its candidates on 33 Sindh Assembly seats and has put up the same for consideration of joint election committee of Sindh Progressive National Alliance (SPNA). The decision to field candidates for next general election was taken in a two day central meeting of Awami Tehrik which ended here on Monday. The meeting discussed political and social situation of Pakistan and especially Sindh The meeting congratulated the people on success of Mohobat Sindh public meeting which was held in Karachi on 15 July despite hurdles by MQM and PPP government. It paid rich tributes to 14 Sindh heroes who laid down their lives for cause of Sindh on 22 May at Mohobat Sindh rally in Karachi. They included Shaheed Ghazala Siddiqui, Abdul Sattar Unnar, Sarwar Kalmati, Aijaz Kalmati, Shabbir Buledi and others. The meeting was briefed that greedy PPP rules in collaboration with MQM were planning to set up new city of Zulfiqarabad to relaunch operation against Baloch and to convert Sindhis into minority but Awami Tehrik would resist such evil designs of rulers and would foil their all attempts. It was said that PPP rules have handed Karachi to MQM for sake of chair where scores of innocent Sindhis,Baloch, Pakhtoon, Punjabi,Siraeki and Urdu speaking people were being butchered. It was said that on one hand government has handed Karachi to terrorists while on the other dacoits and police have been given license to kill people in rural areas.It said that 4 persons belonging to Shora community of Jamshoro, Ashiq Birhmani of Dadu, one Gahelo youth of Matiari and Taj Muhammad Solangi in Bhan Saeedabad were killed by police. It condemned police attitude that was giving protection to killers instead of victim families. It also said that Waderas, Sardars and Gadi Nashin Pirs have made life of Hindus in Sindh miserable forcing them under conspiracy to leave Sindh by kidnapping them, killing them and converting their daughters forcibly. The meeting decided to take long march on September 1 from Karachi to Islamabad by train against proposed Zulfiqarabad which it termed as conspiracy to divide Sindh. The meeting was chaired by AT president Ayaz Latif Palijo and was attended among others by Abdul Qadir Ranto,Anwer Soomro, Gul Hassan Kerano, Zahida Shaikh, Husna Rahoojo, Fatima Halepoto, Maryam Gopang, Naheed Jogi, Ghulam Mustafa Leghari, Dr. Rasool Bux Khaskheli, Lal Jarwar, Mansoor Qadir Jokhyo, Roshan Brihmani, Mazhar Rahoojo, Noor Ahmed Katiar, Mohsin Raza Gopang, Naveed Jarwar, Zahid Babar, Anwer Noohani and others.

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