Shahbaz Sharif master of failed projects: Chaudhary Zaheer

Chaudhary Zaheer

LAHORE: Shahbaz Sharif is a master of making unsuccessful projects, said Pakistan Muslim Leagues Parliamentary Leader Chaudhary Zaheer on Wednesday.

“The kind of mega projects introduced for public welfare by Pervez Elahi during his government, Shahbaz Sharif can’t take credit for even a single such project executed under his governance,” he maintained while talking to media men here.

He said that media reports and Judiciary’s remarks on Punjab rulers’ ineligibility, discretionary acts and mismanagement are the self-speaking proof of their flawed performance.

“CM Punjab should take a look at his governance prior to speaking on the matters of health and education,” he said adding, Shahbaz Sharif cannot misguide people by making false claims and bluffs.

He said today not even a trace of rule of law exists in the Punjab province.

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