POLIO VACCINE: What lies behind?


In Pakistan polio has become a dragon which is spitting fire on youth of nation. Threat of polio is looming large in all the four provinces. Now polio is endemic only in three countries. Unfortunately all three of them are Muslim states. Despite the untiring efforts of the government, WHO, UNICEF, JICA, Rotary International, Malinda and Bill Gates Foundation and other partner agencies we are still unable to eradicate this menace out the country.

There are certain factors which are posing hindrances in polio eradication efforts. Those are mainly war on terror, remotely distribution of population and the most important one is the quack Muslim scholars. Earlier it was supposed that war on terror was to be blamed for futility of anti-polio efforts. But it has now been established that the clerics are the biggest hindrance in the way of polio eradication. Most of the polio cases have surfaced from the areas where mullahs have been found preaching against administering of polio drops. There is a rumour in North-Western areas of Pakistan that these drops are piss of Satan. It is also in airs that polio vaccine renders the people impotent. And that it is the conspiracy of west (especially America) against Muslims to control their population.  Some Mullahs are of the view that there is no room for pre-emptive measure against any disease in shariah. In other words, apart from any conspiracy of impotency or satanic piss, process of vaccination itself is unislamic according to shariah.

Subhan Allah! This is the level of learning of our religious scholars who use the word of Ulema (singular aalim means learned) for themselves. In strict terms of Islam itself, they are labelled as Ulema-e-su (agents of Satan to be better translated). They must ponder if it is the conspiracy of America or the West to stop the growing population of Islam then why are they allowing proselytizing activities of Islam in their own countries? It is reality that Islam is the fastest growing religion of the Western World. How strange that they are not afraid of the Muslims of their own countries but they are afraid of the new born babies of third world. Let me add to the knowledge of those clerics that this growing population is just adding to the problems of themselves and not to the West’s at all.

If it is against the teaching of Islam and contains the piss of Satan, then why 57 Muslim countries are using these drops out of which 54 have been declared Polio free. If it was unislamic then why Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other Muslim countries used that? Even Imam of kaaba himself came forward to support polio vaccination. Scholars of Al-Azhar University have issued their Fatwas to support Polio campaign. But I am sure our mullahs cannot claim (though they believe themselves) to have a higher authority than Imam of Kaaba or Al-Azhar University. Moreover Darul-uloom Deoband, which is thought to be the most prestigious and authentic religious University in Sub-continent due to its high level of research and its services for Islamic learning, has issued declarations (Fatwas) in favour of polio vaccination. This is partly because of the efforts of Darul Uloom Deoband that India has become a polio free nation this year. Once in 2006, we were far ahead of India and were close to complete eradication. Last year we were at the top of the list of polio endemic countries with 198 cases, the highest number in the world.

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