PAC Kamra has capacity to export JF-17 Thunder fighter aircraft: Air Marshal Sohail Gul

KAMRA: Chairman of Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Air Marshal Sohail Gul has said that Pakistan has the capacity to export indigenously manufactured JF-17 Thunder fighter after meeting the requirements of PAF.

In an interview on Saturday, the Chairman of the complex said that sixty percent of the airframe of the fighter would be manufactured in Pakistan from next year . He said so far 47 JF-17 Thunder fightrs have ben supplied to the PAF and three more would be handed over to the airforce by the end of this year.

Air Marshal Sohail Gul said the present manufacturing/assembly capacity is sixteen per year which could be taken to 25 or 26 depending on demand. He said several countries have shown interest in the acquisition of these aircraft and was confident that soon JF-17 would be seen flying in Middle East and Far East.

He said PAC Kamra was carrying out overhauling of JCT Trainers, fighter and commercial planes and under an agreement providing parts for Boeing-777 aircraft to the Boeing Company.

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