Ex-PM Ch Muhammad Ali death anniversary observed

Chaudhry Muhammad Ali

KARACHI: Death anniversary of fourth Prime Minister of Pakistan Chaudhry Muhammad Ali was marked here on Saturday.

Chaudhry Muhammad Ali was born on July 15, 1905 at Jalandhar. He attained his M. Sc. degree in 1927 from the University of Punjab.

During the drafting of the partition plan, Chaudhry Muhammad Ali was one of the two secretaries to the Partition Council, presided over by Lord Mountbatten.

Upon establishment of Pakistan, he became Secretary General of the new government and played a key role in its organization.

In 1951, he became the Finance Minister and in 1955, Prime Minister of the country. Under his leadership the Constituent Assembly adopted the 1956 constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He died on December 01, 1980.

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