Olga Oleynik, the new internet sensation with Barbie syndrome

Olga Oleynik

This Ukrainian girl has become the new living Barbie.

Olga Oleynik, best known as Dominika Elsandio on the social network website Facebook, has become the new “Real Life Human Barbie Doll.”

The Ukrainian told that the only surgery that has been done is breast implant to balance the proportion with your hips and bring harmony and perfection, which require a human Barbie.

Oleynik is a fashion designer and lives in Odessa.

According to sociologists, Oleynik is a victim of what they call the Barbie doll syndrome: young girls trying to achieve impossible standards of beauty.

Girls with this syndrome accentuate your hair, eyes, mouth, contact lenses and small waists, and manners remain impassive, but Oleynik not looks boyish and wears a size chest well above average.

Due to the mass dissemination of images such as Oleynik in media and social networks, there is the concern that girls follow suit.

The other “Barbies living” known in social networks are Dakota Rose and Valeria Lukyanova.

Furthermore, the Real Life Human Barbie Doll, the world also has a human ken.

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