Election sans army not acceptable: Noonari

HYDERABAD, Jan. 26: Sindh National Party chairman Ashraf Noonari has said that the verification of voters in Karachi without army was against the ruling of Supreme Court and such practice as well as election itself without supervision of Army was not acceptable. In a statement issued here Saturday Ashraf Noonari, Shabbir Inqilabi, Najeeb Ahmed Thebo, Akhtar Sindhi, Dr. Fatima Syed and others have said that apex court has given clear orders that army personnel should accompany the staff of election commission for verification of voters lists in Karachi but the election commission was doing the task without army on which SNP has reservations along with all other political parties of Sindh. They said that election commission was doing only farm filling which can cause dangerous results. They also said they reject the decision of election commission for payment of candidature form of Rs.50,000 for MNA and Rs.25,000 for MPA. In this way only moneyed people Jagirdars, Waderas and rich can contest election. This decision of election commission was aimed to keep the deserving candidates of middle class out of election process. They made appeal to ECP to revise its decision. They announced that SNP would field its candidates from whole Sindh in the forthcoming elections.

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