Lamb born with eight legs, three eyes in Kazakhstan

Lamb born with eight legs, three eyes in Kazakhstan

A lamb was born with eight legs and three eyes in a sheep farm in Kazakhstan, said the owner who was in shock.

“The sheep could not deliver on its own and had to be helped. He had to dismember the litter.

I saw that the Lamb had three eyes and eight legs, I was shocked,” said the owner of the sheep, Kuandyk Bekitaev.

According to the owner, the sheep was to deliver twins and the appearance of the mutant lamb is a consequence of bad ecology.

“I think it’s a warning for the people. My flock is grazes not far from the factory, apparently, this is the reason. Last year, one of the sheep had a lamb, born with three legs which did not survive,” – said Bekitaev.

The owner of the monster is as yet undecided about what is to be done with the carcass- whether to have it buried or embalmed, so as “to demonstrate to others what to expect if we do not think about the environment.”

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