Warning Biggals

The programme Kamran Khan on 19 March 2013 disclosed its viewers that a “grand operation” in Karachi was “soon/near future” going to be launched jointly by Police and Rangers. The anchor was optimistic and had a wishful thinking that it was going to be a real long awaited good for citizens of Karachi. Kamran Khan’ recently got a “stamp” about his credibility! While the highly acclaimed anchor and his guest Sindh Police Chief were discussing almost threadbare the modalities of this expected operation e.g. the Police Chief stated “we have to reach where the arms/ammunition” is kept”, as a three decades experience in Police uniform abroad now retired, I was bowing down my head wondering it was a precautionary warning alarm to “make safety arrangements”? By pre-disclosing that amongst other things, for example, that places of hidden arms was to be targeted, was it a cautionary signal to relocate in advance the arsenal? Sohrab Goath big operation is announced in advance to ensure only two rifles, two pistols and a dozen boxes bullets are recovered. If operation in “kutcha” is to be launched it is announced well in advance to find none of them who were to be found in that operation. Lyari operation is biggled in advance. If my memories in this old age are not misguiding me, I recollect when Sindh Government sometime in 90s announced its major operation in Kutcha area of Sindh when before sun set most of inter-city roads became traffic less due to rule of dacoits, this pre announcement was a topic of lecture in some police forces abroad. I am more than confident result of this now announced operation in no angle would be different from several other police operations in Karachi rather whole of Sindh.


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