Shahood Alvi faces fierce attitude by students

Shahood Alvi

KARACHI: Famous actor Shahood Alvi, known for his negative role in drama serial “Bol Meri Machli” is amongst mostly hated characters.

Recently, while visiting Karachi University, Shahood Alvi faced very fierce attitude by students there.

Drama artist Shahood Alvi made a visit to University of Karachi to interact with students there.

During questions and answers session regarding his negative role in drama Bol Meri Machli, he failed to satisfy university girls.

In meantime few girls hurled eggs and shoes on him, which was too insulting and disappointing for the actor, and he kept on convincing them that the role is truly opposite to his real life.

In a recent interview, Shahood Alvi said, “I tried to ensure those girls that the role has no link with my real life”.

The girls did not believe him and followed him till car parking and also damaged his car.

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