Youth tsunami kicks off as PTI awards 35% tickets to youngsters


80% PTI ticket holders contesting polls for first time; PTI to rid country of family politics; nation must vote for youth for change; New leadership can fix state institutions, old faces can’t bring change; 40 million young voters to make difference; Nation to fight decisive battle for a new system; PTI to give them a new Pakistan says Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Youth tsunami kicked off on Monday as Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan made history by announcing 35 percent party tickets for its young candidates for the upcoming general elections – a landmark achievement by all means as no other political party has ever awarded 80 percent of its tickets to those who have never been a member of any assembly and were contesting election for the first time which is a symbol of a change.

“This is an end of family politics. For the first time in Pakistan, over 35 percent party tickets have been awarded to the youth of Pakistan and youngsters have been provided a fair chance. This is a step towards the revolutional change in the political history of Pakistan,” said Imran Khan while addressing a crowded press conference here at a local hotel.

Flanked by the young leaders who have been awarded party tickets, Imran Khan introduced around 35 youth leaders to the media, adding that over 200 young leaders are being awarded party tickets.

“Over 80% tickets have been allocated to the non-electables who have never been a part of any assembly of the country. This is a step towards a Naya Pakistan. Keeping in view the reality that our youngsters can’t afford the election expenditure, we have also introduced Naya Pakistan Fund for youth for ticket holders who can’t afford the election campaign expenses,” he added.

He said by awarding 35 percent tickets to youth below 40 years of age, the PTI has blocked the doors on those in the habit of changing loyalties which is called the politics of turncoats. He said that the nation was going towards historic elections which would rid the country of the corrupt and inept politicians.

“We will fight a decisive battle in the upcoming elections and we would have a new system. We will give them a new Pakistan. Now the people should come out of their houses and vote and support our young leaders. I tell you that 40 million new and young voters would make a difference in the upcoming elections. By introducing youth in politics, we have got rid of the game of musical chairs which was going on for so many decades”.

Imran Khan said that when the youngsters would enter the assemblies, they would bring about a change. He also made a categorical statement that no relative of the party leaders would be awarded tickets on reserved seats for women and minorities.

“We have decided that no party tickets would be awarded to any relative of the party leaders. I have myself scrutinized the lists and made sure that no relative of any party leaders is awarded party ticket,” he added.

He said that the old faces could never bring about a change in the country. He said that those political parties who had deteriorated the institutions in the country could never reform the same. He said the family parties also could not bring democracy in the country.

Responding to a question, Imran Khan said that the PTI had held historic party elections which had no parallel in the subcontinent.  He said that the party tickets had been decided on the advice of the elected representatives.

Chairman Imran Khan said that the PTI was the only party which could change the corrupt system. He said that there would be a close contest between the PTI and Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) in Punjab, as PPP would face the wrath of the masses in the coming elections due to its dismal five-year performance.

“I think that this election would be a repeat of 1992 world cup. We also had 80 percent youngsters in the world cup and our team was a blend of youth and experience. I think the PTI ticket holders would also be a blend of young talent and experience. The results of the coming elections would be like a world cup 1992 and the PTI would be emerged victorious with the support of the masses,” he maintained.

Imran Khan said that only new leadership could bring a change, as the other parties remained in power turn by turn for the last two-and-a-half-decade.

The PTI chairman said that the PPP and PML-N had been partners in the Punjab government for three and a half years while they had been partners in Balochistan till the last day.

“They were actually one on all issues. The PML-N leaders’ statements are on record that he had helped the PPP regime complete its tenure. Now the PML-N wanted to take its turn. The nation would no more allow this game of musical chairs to continue and a change is a must,” he added.

He said that during the past five years the state institutions had witnessed record erosion.

“The history tells us that those parties who deteriorate the institutions, they never fix those. During the past 25 years, the PPP and PML-N have deteriorated our infrastructure,” he added.

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