Overseas Pakistanis react on killing of 96 Christians in Peshawar


Overwhelming number of Pakistanis living abroad have condemned the twin suicide attack on a Peshawar church last Sunday that killed some 96 Pakistanis mostly Christians.

Among those killed were around 41 women and eight children and many of the wounded are seriously injured.

Most Pakistanis expatriates took to the Twitter, Facebook and similar social media to vent their anger and condemn the barbaric attack calling it un-Islamic, un-Pakistani, inhuman, uncivilized, etc. Some called for no talks with the Taliban while others demanded action against the perpetrators of violence.

Anwar Iqbal, Washington DC wrote on Facebook:
My Christian brothers, today I am ashamed of being a Muslim. The death of 78 Christians in a Peshawar church today shows how criminal we are. Please do not forgive me for being silent while other Pakistanis are killed by mad mullahs. Please condemn me…

Amin Shaikh from NY called it a “Disgusting act, whoever they are should be punished…”

Md. Akram living in Oman said, “Nation is united against them. The administration should now go after these criminals…”

Waqar Naseem Wamiq, Secy Gen. Halqa e Fikr o Fun living in Riyadh said, “. We all r Pakistanis; Bring Pakistaniat forward on all levels and defeat this ideology; It’s time to defeat the bad ideology through the good. We say terrorists have no religion, so that is clear; Either they attack on Muslims, Hindu, Christians or any else same context; Destabilization of Pakistan; We should remain and stand united against them either v r Muslim, Hindu or Christian..

Khalid Rana, PML-N President from Riyadh said: Twin suicide attack on Peshawar church is a big tragedy and an attempt to destroy Pakistan’s image internationally. The attacks occurred at a time when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was to present Pakistan’s stance on drone attacks in the United Nations…

Engr Asad, Riyadh called it “against all norms of humanity. Pathetic is what I can say. Pakistan should not be talking to the Talibans”…

Abeer Zaidi, VP and Coord director, Youth Club Org. from Riyadh said, “I believe it was an incident full of tragedy. After attacks on mosques, terrorists targeted this church in Peshawar this time. It surely means that nobody is safe in Pakistan no matter what faith or religion a person follows. This incident gave a very poor image of security in Pakistan to the rest of the world. This attack was not on some religion it was on humanity. My heart goes out for all the innocent people who lost their lives and for all their relatives. I believe this can happen to anyone if appropriate steps and strong action is not taken to stop this violence in Pakistan”…

Khurram Habib from NJ said: “Why are we waiting for, and what for. These criminals should be brought to justice…”

Minhas, of Insaf Society in Jeddah said: We condemn this attack; All my friends Saif Mughal, Riaz Ahmad , Professor Rashid , Abdullah Rahman, Dr Zahid are with me on this issue…”

Adnan Iqbal Butt, Jt Secy PML-N Riyadh said: “We extend our heartiest condolences to our Christian brothers and sisters who lost their loved ones in these barbaric attacks in Peshawar. We as PMLN Riyadh KSA strongly condemn any act of violence carried against innocent people of Pakistan no matter which religion they belong to…”

Ch. Mobeen, Pol Secy PML-N Riyadh said: “I condemn the bloodshed and killing of innocent people…”

Saira Mahmud wrote on Facebook: I’m really upset by this horrific act of terrorism and I’m sure who so ever did this.. is Not a true Muslim bec I know Allah said.. if you kill one person… it’s like u kill the whole humanity…”

Tahir Qamar wrote on Facebook: “…it is a big question mark on (who did it) cuz there r lot of forces in Pakistan including outside forces…

As these Pakistanis fume and vent their disapproval of such terror acts, there is a visible escalation in the intensity of protests in the country — with the enormity of the tragedy sinking in more deeply into the national psyche, wrote one newspaper representing aptly what overseas Pakistanis also feel.

Meanwhile, condemning the barbaric attack on the church, the Asian Human Rights Commission has urged the government of Pakistan to carry out a high powered inquiry into the killings of 96 Christians by a commission of experts rather than the police.

“It is, in fact, the police who must take a large degree of the blame for this attack as they ignored the persistent requests by the Christian community for protection”, said AHRC in a statement released to the press.

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