Maira Sultan’s actress Meryem Uzerli catapulates to fame in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Oct. 21 (INP): Meryem Uzerli catapulted to fame due to her role as Hurrem Sultan in the Turkish soap Muhte?em Yüzy?l (Magnificent Century). An Urdu dubbing of the show “Maira Sultan (My King) has captivated the Pakistani audience, who remain glued to the TV screens when the soap is on air. Hurrem has become a household name here.

Meryem, 31, won the Best Actress Award in 2012 for her immaculate depiction of a woman who tried everything to win the heart of Suleiman The Magnificent, the Turk king. Despite the fame and massive appreciation, Meryem left the drama series in 2013 and went to Germany. Another Turkish actress played her role in the last 4 episodes of the series.

Meryem says she suffered from “Burnout Syndrome” and had to split up from Can Ate?, her boyfriend, a notorious Turkish playboy, after she became pregnant and he forced her for an abortion.

Meryem is currently expecting her baby and undergoing therapy while living a quiet life in Germany. She gave a rare interview to Ayse Arman, a famous Turkish journalist often dubbed as the Oprah Winfrey of Turkey.

Berlin is live and kicking. People are on the streets. Some are dancing the tango at parks, some are sun-bathing on the lawn… Meryem is no longer Hurrem; she is not a star; she is not even famous. She is an ordinary woman at the age of 31. She took me to cafes and parks.

She showed me her house. And she told me about the three years she spent in Turkey. She told me with her limited Turkish, sometimes in German and sometimes in English… She doesn’t mean to upset anyone.

She only wants to tell her own story and turn a new page… I have always found her to be sincere. I’ve always found her to be real. Read her story and see what you’ll feel…


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