Transsexual Isabella Santiago of Venezuela crowned Miss International Queen 2014

Miss Isabella Santiago from Venezuela was crowned Friday in the Thai city of Pattaya ‘Miss International Queen 2014′ contest that rewards the most beautiful or handsome transsexual ten years.

The competition, organized by the House of transgender women show Tiffany’s Show Pattaya Co. and the Tourism Authority of Thailand, held every year participants aged between 18 and 36 years who were born as men and sex have changed or are planning to do.

Isabella Santiago beat 21 contestants from 18 countries to win the title and receives $12,500 in cash, an apartment in a luxury hotel in the Thai city organizer and many more prizes provided by sponsors. The winner of the 2014 contest can also opt for free cosmetic surgery.

Also, other prizes to the most photogenic candidate delivered the typical dress better and more harmonious silhouette swimsuit, among others.

Like other beauty pageants, contestants for “Miss International Queen” paraded in their national costumes, evening gowns and swimsuits.

Miss USA Samira Sitara told Reuters TV that participating in the contest was a “dream come true”, and this was the first time she was coming out publicly after being encouraged by friends.

“You know what, this is life and you can’t run away from the past. I can’t hide it anymore,” she said.

The Nongnuey Representatives Also won the Best National Costume. The strong turnout Conveys warrior Ayutthaya


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