Jennifer Lawrence feels ‘affected’ by the exposure of her ‘private life’

NEW YORK: Jennifer Lawrence knew that her private life will be exposed to the public when she became a movie star, but she did not expect that the emotional and physical effects are so intense.

In an interview with The Associated Press Saturday, Oscar winner actress Jennifer Lawrence said she feels constantly stress and fear because she knows she is monitored and spied on in all her actions by photographers.

The actress was recently found on the headlines despite when pictures of her and other female stars, naked, had been pirated and posted on a website. Mrs. Lawrence had described the incident as “sex crime” in the magazine “Vanity Fair“. She added that all those who watched said images acted as accomplices.

Flanked by her two playing partners for the film “Mockingjay,” Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, the actress made sure she loved her job, even if there are consequences to which she was not prepared.

For example, she says have recorded in a hotel room, where she saw the paparazzi waiting outside. She could not do anything because the photographers were posted in public places and that she is considered a public figure.

Jennifer Lawrence says she wants to work to pass laws that the media respect their privacy.

“I want to make it illegal to buy, to shop or to publish photos obtained illegally. Some photographers jump over my fence. If someone jumps over my fence and took a picture of me naked, through the window, it is illegal. But pictures can still be found on the Internet the next day, this is insane!” she said.

In the United States, a clause called “Safe Harbour” in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, forced websites and service providers to remove content that infringes copyright.

Some websites have agreed to remove images of Jennifer Lawrence, but long delays have allowed users to make copies.


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