After rocking the wire by her sizzling nude photos; Neymar’s girlfriend Soraja Vucelic shows off her sexy bikini body afresh

Neymar’s girlfriend Soraja Vucelic

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior is not only a popular football player but should be sought in these latest photos of many men: On the
his girlfriend Soraja Vucelic showed her perfect bikini body in a touch of nothing!

Ann-Kathrin Brömmel and Mario Götze are not the only hot couple in the football nation. Competition gets the two of Neymar (FC Barcelona) and his beautiful girlfriend Soraja Vucelic. On Puro Beach in Tivat in Montenegro, the 28-year-old dropped the cases and showed up at the warm temperatures in the mini-bikini. A vision in which many women might be jealous: Because Soraja Vucelic has a perfect bikini body!


The beautiful model is expected to bring at the beach images not only the men with her feminine curves to the mind. The romance between the footballer and supermodel began, according to “Daily Mail” last summer in Ibiza (where you can also see her photos). At the start would have only formed a deep friendship between the couple was from the gradually more. Meanwhile, Neymar and Soraja Vucelic are officially a couple. Because of the age difference of six years hardly seems to bother – Neymar is after all only 22 years old!


What began in Ibiza as delicate romance seems to be a serious matter. Brazilian superstar Neymar can hardly let his eyes off from her – Soraja Vucelic.

The British tabloid is similarly enthusiastic about the 28-year-old Serbian woman and her figure.

Neymar was so impressed by Serbian beauty that he let them fly by private jet to Barcelona, ​where Soraja Vucelic allegedly spent several days with Brazilian superstar.

Let’s see how long the connection stops – at the World Championships in the summer Neymar was still romantically involved with his wife Bruna Marquezine.

BRITISH MEDIA — Soraya addition to such a body, it’s no wonder Neymar is dumped her!

Soraja and Neymar met last summer in Ibiza, and their friendship soon blossomed into romance, writes the “Daily Mail”, the text that judging by the number of comments (over 400) and Serov (700) caused a great readers’ attention.

It is no wonder that the Barcelona player dumped by his new girlfriend Soraya Vučelić, as she showed off her amazing body in a bikini on the Puro beach in Tivat, Montenegro, says the Daily Mail.

The 28-year-old beauty, famous and who participated in Big Brother, the admiration of the British press provoked photographs, which showed off her curves in a skimpy bikini.

A journalist, “Daily Mail” spared no compliments for her tanned skin, perfectly proportional body strained muscles, while readers in the comments expressed the exact opposite opinion, attacking Soraya because silicone plastic Barbie doll will suffocate Neymar.

Mail the text calls on Belgrade Kurir, stating that the couple maintained contact via Skype ​and that Soraya should visit Neymar in Barcelona in late October, but the impatient captain of the Brazilian national team that could not wait, so get your beauty sent a private plane.


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