Sex identity of child was known to Jonty Rhodes and his wife, says their gynecologist

MUMBAI: Prenatal sex determination has been banned in India in 1994, however, Jonty Rhodes and his wife Melanie were aware about the sex identity of their new arrival in the family. This was revealed by their gynecologist Dr. Ameet Dhurandhar.

Speaking exclusively, he says, “it (the prenatal sex determination) is not illegal in South Africa and that’s how they had already decided to name their daughter as India”.

“Jonty Rhodes loves Indian culture very much and was to remain in India for the IPL matches and his wife wanted him to be present at the time of delivery”.

The parents had done their research and Melanie was preparing for this day for over 3 months. Jonty is currently working with Mumbai Indians for 2 months, and since the facility of Water birth is available by Dr. Ameet Dhurandhar, they had decided to deliver in Mumbai, so the family could be close together.

“It is Jonty’s first water birth where Melanie delivered in a birthing pool. Jonty was allowed to remain present during his daughter’s birth process. He jumped into the pool after baby India Rhodes was born and held her to his chest. He is proud to become a father again and elated to have his baby girl born into water”, Dr. added.

“We have given water births to several children in India and treated many foreigners but Jonty Rhodes is the first international cricketer who has become father under our care”.

Dr. Ameet Dhurandhar conducts his water births at Surya Child Care Hospital. He is amongst the first few Obstetricians in India to conduct water births and Hydro births in India.

The concept of Water Births has recently been introduced in Mumbai. The mother delivers the baby in a birthing pool free of any drugs or analgesia. It is a natural process in which the mother is relaxed, buoyant, and is allowed a dignified and respectful delivery. Women report they enjoy their labor and find that water allows complete freedom of movement and deep concentration.

Miss. India was immediately examined by a child specialist Dr. Bhupendra Avasthi, who declared Miss India “fully fit”.

Milene and India were given discharge within less than 24 hours from the hospital.


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