Sharon Smith, 43, loses 64 pounds after staying up 11 hours on a plane

It was on a business trip to Hong Kong; Sharon Smith realized daily humiliation she suffered because of her weight. She weighed 127 pounds and was a size 54.

It was during a trip while she was on a plane when the incident occurred. For 11 hours, she remained standing because she was afraid of hurting the passenger sitting next to her. This flight was a nightmare for Sharon Smith who decided to react.

To lose weight and achieve the goal she has set, she changes her ways. She follows a Weight Watchers diet and decided to walk as much as possible. For example, she avoids taking the subway and made walks during her lunch break.

If these efforts are rewarded by the loss of 37 pounds, Sharon Smith will no longer be able to lose weight. She decided to make the run in March 2014. To support her efforts, she enrolled on a forum dedicated to the riders. She finds the motivation to achieve her objective because it is not always easy. There are days when motivation is gone but the visitors encouraged her to not give up. Thanks to them, she does not give up.

Sharon Smith explains to the Daily Mail, “When I started running, I really saw my weight decrease. It gave me the desire to continue and the pounds melted. I realized that my diet was not healthy. I spent my weekends doing nothing; I ate everything and anything to keep me busy. Now, I do not buy processed foods and I cook myself. I spontaneously eat more fruits and vegetables and I try to use healthy fats.”

Sharon Smith’s efforts have allowed her to reach the weight of 63 pounds!


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