Is Veena Malik a wannabe?

Veena Malik

After so many ups and downs, highs and lows, Veena Malik tends to not slow down. Starting from her affairs and nude pictures to the extent of making speeches about supporting homosexuals, it seems pretty clear that she is profoundly a wannabe looking for any kind of fame and fortune even if it means acting or at least trying to be like Marilyn Monroe. Yes, who can forget the sex Goddess and her vintage moments in “The Seven Year Itch” in which her beautiful white dress flows in air and leave all the men watching, in awe and in disbelief of her body.

Similarly to this picture of Marilyn Monroe in the white dress, Veena Malik, in the promo for her upcoming film, “The Dirty Picture: Sakkath Silk Maga” is trying her best to create the same ambience and magic as Marilyn. Sadly, this attempt of hers fail as she wears a gawky blonde wig and an unattractive red dress which further makes it look horrendous with an ape pose she tries to make. An anonymous source reveals, “The director and Veena want to leave no stone unturned to prove that their film is far sexier than Vidya Balan’s Hindi version. The actress has been game enough to pose for some very sensuous pictures. One has her wrapped up in nothing but a black satin drape.”


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