Pakistani fishermen caught a prehistoric shark


For several days, various social networking sites are abuzz with the news of a huge shark being a prehistoric species of shark fish. The accompanying text provides that it was caught by Pakistani fishermen, in Pakistan and it is a ‘Megalodon,’ ancestor of the sharks that disappeared there some 20 million years ago.

It is true that the animal is impressive in the photo. According to American website World News Daily Report, this is a prehistoric shark, Megalodon vanished there are some 20 million years. The article says it weighs 15 tons and measures a little over 10 feet long. The beast was recently caught by Pakistani fishermen.

Except that the photo was taken in South Africa in 2009 is dun white shark 4.3 meters long and 700 pounds. Furthermore, the article shows a supposedly belonging to the Pakistani Megalodon tooth. If it is indeed a prehistoric shark tooth, it was found in a Chilean desert.


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