Rahul and Dimpy Mahajan: To-be parents

Rahul Mahajan with his wife Dimpy Mahajan

One way or another, a married couple is always looking forward in becoming a family or not wanting a child which is just absurd. Looks like the reality TV couple, Rahul Mahajan and Dimpy Ganguly are ready for clearing out the house and making room for an upcoming baby. Rumor has it that they are soon expecting a child. Dimpy had taken part in the competition, “Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega, surpasses 14 contestants, over 16,500 applicant’s and proved to be Rahul’s partner in life and a tie in marriage.

Not long after they got married, Dimpy had started having problems with their marriage as Rahul was alleged of physical and domestic abuse. The issue started off when after receiving Dimpy was going back to leep, Rahul got angry and started hitting her thus making her leave the house and returning a day later. Not only her but Rahul had a history of domestic abuse with his first wife Shweta Singh too which led to their divorce in 2008.

In order to save their marriage and calm things down a bit, the couple decided and started taking counseling from a psychologist. Apart from the physical abuse, Rahul always had to urge to start a family and have children of his own as he says, “I want children. But when I give it all a thought, I feel that as a husband I must wait and it will all come with time. On the contrary, as a father, I want children to come quickly. I can’t wait!”


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