Sunny Leone in a mess?

After entering the Bollywood industry in “Jism 2”, the Canadian porn start has been receiving a comparative amount of aggravation. Even though she had received praises from Mahesh Bhatt lately, she did not tend to go well on the others. To the appreciation by Mashesh, the actress tweeted, “Thank you Sir for everything & directing me in all my dialogue scenes. You made it easy 4 me to follow your vision!”

However this tweet message to Mahesh faced a lot of comments like, “How can you say this Sunny? I was on the set. Pooja directed you not Bhatt saab. I am shocked by you.”Mahesh Bhatt, later cleaned up the mess by saying, “Sunny is American and she does not know the manner in which film are made in India, and that is probably what led to the confusion. You see here, there is the director and then there is someone called a dialogue director who helps the actors along in the nuances of their dialogue delivery. For instance, there are many Hindi films shot in the south and the Southern actors do not know how to say things in Hindi. So a dialogue director comes in handy in such instances. I was playing the part in Pooja`s Jism 2 considering that I am also the writer of the film. I helped Sunny in her dialogues and nuances. But please be clear that it all happens under the gaze of the director. The director of the film has the final say. From its conceptualization, right down to the final scene shot, ‘Jism 2’ remains Pooja Bhatt`s film and no one else`s.”

Let’s just hope that Sunny finds her perfect place in Bollywood the nest time she opts for a film and does not end up in any kind of a “mess.”


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