Rhino Horn – Ivory Trafficking: Chinese national receives 70-month sentencing


A Chinese national on Tuesday ends up sentenced for as many as 70 months in prison; over smuggling 30 rhino horns. A U.S. District Court sentenced Zhifei Li, reported Fox News television channel.

30-year-old Zhifei Li was taken into the custody in the month of January last year (2013) when he allegedly smuggled the above mentioned rhino horns alongside their facts and numerous ivory objects. Li smuggled these precious items to his country, from the United States worth (approximately) 4 to 5 million dollars.

As per FOX television’s claims, this happens to be one of the longest sentences in the history of the United States; for the wildlife trafficking.

Wang Qiang, a New York-based antique dealer who works with Li was sentenced to 37 months in prison last December.

During his trip to Africa earlier this month, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said that China is firmly committed to protecting wildlife and will spare no effort to combat poaching and ivory trafficking.


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