Aamir Khan becoming “Fashionably” popular

It is quite surprising that Aamir Khan has been the hot topic of the the town for his TV show Satyamev Jayate, and consequently, the famous actor and director is being talked about for his new and unique fashion statement. Usually he has been a safe dresser with a different kind of a dressing style; Aamir Khan wore a Paul Smith hand-motif polo shirt with a black ‘LV’ brand logo belt at the premiere of a film in Mumbai recently. The polo shirt stood out as it had a tricolor paint-splatter pattern across its front. This style of artwork on attire or work of art is nicknamed the ‘Jackson Pollock’ approach after the American artist’s style of painting, and was quite a rant and rave in the 80s.        

It seems like a audacious step for someone with an inconspicuous style, experts say the T-shirt could have been worn in a smarter way. Designer Atsu Sekhose says, “The shirt is nice, but maybe it’s not for Aamir Khan. With his kind of physique, I would not suggest a tucked-in style. I would rather see Aamir Khan wear a more classic polo T-shirt than a splatter print,” Stylist Rin Jajo says, “I love the splatter of colour on the black, with the neon trim on the collar and sleeves adding a playful element to the polo shirt. However, the shirt tucked into jeans defeats the whole purpose since it makes him look frumpy and his torso square.” Designer Rahul Mishra says it really doesn’t matter. “Aamir Khan is not the kind of person who is bothered about dressing up or down. His confidence shines no matter what he wears. I’d blame the designer more than the wearer for making the look amateurish.”


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