Lindsay Lohan: Paramedics should be “cute”?

Looks like the exhaustion got to Lindsay Lohan’s head as she tweeted that the paramedics which with assisted to her at her hotel room should be “cute”. The actress was feeling a bit exhausted and as a precaution called the airport security to provide her with medical assistance as soon as possible. When they arrived with the emergency kit and paramedics, the actress laughed on about how they should be cute and all.

Ever since this tweet of hers, the celebrity hit websites and twitter was buzzing about her unconfirmed reports. In addition to her airport, the 25-year old Lindsay Lohan who has a past full of drug and alcohol addiction was rushed to the hospital. We can see that this news was being hid from the press as her spokesman completely denied about her hospitalization and claimed that she was being treated for her exhaustion and dehydration.

Humor not being that vital in the situation, Lindsay Lohan gave further humorous ecplanations to what had happened. She still emphasized on the fact that paramedics should be cute after she tweeted, “Note to self: After working 85 hours in 4 days, and being up all night shooting, be very aware that you might pass out from exhaustion and 7 paramedics might show up at your door, hopefully they’re cute. Otherwise it would be a real let down.”


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