Shanghai International Film Festival honours Mike Medavoy

Mike Medavoy

The Shanghai International Film Festival is the largest film festival in East Asia which takes place. It started off Saturday night by honoring the Hollywood Producer- Mike Medavoy. He is the co-founder of Orion Pictures and has produced films such as “Black Swan.” Alongside this, he is the chief Executive of Phoenix Pictures and was formerly born in 1941 to the Ukraine refugees.

Mike Medavoy said, “Shanghai has roots for me. My parents lived here for 24 years and this is the place that gave them the safety net they needed.” He lived in China’s biggest city until he was nearly 7. Qin Yi, a silver-haired former starlet, presented Mike Medavoy with the award, clenching the heavy-looking golden chalice; he fumbled a handshake from her outspread hand.”

The 50 years I’ve spent in Hollywood all started in cinemas here in Shanghai,” He sobbed, recalling the tears his late father which shed when he landed at the city’s airport 15 years ago on a father-son trip to the first Shanghai International Film Festival. At that time, he wouldn’t have ever even imagined in his wildest dreams that he would be standing on the raised platform, being eyed by millions, and receiving an award in his honor and recalled his footsteps of how it had all began.

“This was the place that saved our lives,” Mike Medavoy recalled his father saying. “For that, I’m grateful,” He added. “I will come back again and again.”


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