Actress Valerie Harper hospitalized

Valerie Harper

American actress Valerie Harper was hospitalized on Wednesday in the US state of Maine, reports TMZ. Valerie Harper will be – just before a performance – have lost consciousness. Soon, an ambulance was called, and she came again to consciousness.

According to TMZ, on the way to the hospital, the ambulance should not have had the sirens in time, which indicates that the incident was not critical.

Valerie Harper, 74, known for The Mary Tyler Moore Show and the spinoff Rhoda, was told two years ago that she has a rare form of cancer and only a few months would have to live.

Despite that, the actress, however, remain at the hospital overnight. Hospital staff says Valerie Harper was discharged on Thursday morning.

The veteran actress was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2013 – four years after she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Physicians assessed that she only had three months to live.

According to People magazine, she said then: “I’m not going to die. I intend on being here right now.”

Since then, Valerie Harper has disproved the doctors again and again. Moreover, the body responds well to treatment, she has taken part in “Dancing with the Stars,” the US the model of “Let’s Dance”.

But that’s not all. Then the year when Valerie Harper was diagnosed, she has appeared in several other television productions, including “American Dad”. Previously, she has appeared in shows like “Melrose Place” and “That 70s’ Show”.


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