Clive Rice didn’t die of a cancerous tumor but severe stomach infection: funeral may be on Tuesday

Clive Rice

DUBAI: Former South Africa captain Clive Rice didn’t die of a cancerous tumor as is believed. This was revealed by one of the close relatives of his wife. Speaking exclusively from South Africa on Wednesday morning, she said, “Clive Rice was fully recovered from his brain tumor. He died because of septicemia. He had developed some infection in his stomach and was admitted in the hospital, where he breathed his last”.

“We are in the process of his funeral, which may be held on Tuesday in one of the schools here”.

“The hospital has made arrangement to preserve his body till then”, the relative, who was attending the calls on Clive Rice’s wife, Sussan’s mobile, added.

In the memory of Clive Rice, Hashim Amla’s men will be wearing a black armband before the commencement of the second Test match against Bangladesh on Thursday. This was revealed by Michael Owen-Smith, the Cricket South Africa (CSA) spokesman.

Speaking from Johannesburg, he said, “The team will be wearing black armbands as a mark of respect”.

Earlier, the team manager, Ms. Lerato Malekutu, speaking exclusively from Dhaka, said, “We will be wearing black armbands. No players will be returning back to SA (for the funeral)”.

Interestingly, Clive Rice didn’t want the board members to remain present in his funeral.

In February 2013, when CSA refused to honour two deceased players (because Peter van der Merwe and Neil Adcock played in apartheid-era) with a minute’s silence, former players including Graeme Pollock had launched a scathing attack on the national cricket board and Clive Rice even had asked his national cricket board to stay away from his funeral whenever he dies.

However, CSA did release the condolence message and paid tribute to their first post-apartheid captain. CSA flew the flag at its offices in Johannesburg at half-mast in tribute.

The Indian doctor who treated Clive Rice for his brain tumor was not aware about his recent hospitalization in South Africa.

Dr. P. S. Sridhar was shocked to hear the sad news. “How come he died”, he asked when the news was broken to him.

Clive Rice was treated by Dr. Sridhar earlier this year and was also recently examined by him. Rice had expressed his full satisfaction for this treatment in India.


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