The Beatles’ films star Victor Spinetti dies at 82

Victor Spinetti

At the age of 82, Victor Spinetti passed away. As an actor, he was known for his versatility and well-knowingly popular for his acts in the Beatles films of the 1960’s. He also admired the group itself and hence became a good friend of John Lennon.

“You’ve got to be in all our films,” George Harrison told Victor Spinetti explaining it further saying, “my mum won’t come and see them because she fancies you.”

Victor Spinetti was appropriately cast in the group’s follow-up film Help! (1965) playing the role of a surgeon to cut a ring off Ringo Starr’s finger.  He never considered filmmaking an exciting part as he wrote, “The spirit of invention that had seen us through A Hard Day’s Night had gone. Tiredness and sullenness permeated the shoot.”

Two of Victor Spinetti’s Beatles’ film leftovers became collectors’ items such as the fluffy mohair sweater he wore in A Hard Day’s Night was put on exhibit at a girls’ school in Philadelphia, including his fur hat from Help! The hat was surprisingly reportedly to be offered for sale on the internet for $10,000. He also contributed his role in a cameo film in Magical Mystery Tour (1967). For 44 years, Victor Spinetti had been the partner of Graham Curnow who had died in 1997.


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