Angry Imran’s Video Game: A Funny Addition to Politics

Angry Imrans Video Game

Imran Khan, a cricketer turned into a political leader, is the head of his party (PTI) and is leading his followers towards a political change that seems imminent to him. The famous sentence, “Tabdeeli agayi hai”, has become a type of slogan among his followers.

Some students have paid tribute to his endeavors and struggle by developing a video game. The game named, Angry Imran, was released only a few days ago and it has been downloaded thousands of times within the previous few days.

The game, Angry Imran, is based on the Android operating system and is available to the people for free. The developers are the young students who claim to have developed it for fun. All the political leaders are grouped into a giant head and Angry Imran shoots them. The political leaders like Nawaz Sharif, Zardari, Gallany, Altaf Hussain and many others are shot and the famous sentence is heard “Tabdeeli agayi hai” meaning by “the change has come”.

The game is for fun and this video game, Angry Imran, has turned out to be an interesting thing in the political scenario of the country. Angry Imran is playing in the troubled waters of Pakistani politics and he has to shoot all the opponents to win the game.

Angry Imran seems to be a funny addition for the people of Pakistan.


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