Bus plunges into valley at Kahuta: Wedding turns into a mournful incident

Kahuta bus accident

Bloody roads of Kahuta hills again claim 25 during an accident when a bus plunges into a deep valley.

The reports say that a bus accident in Kahuta, near Islamabad, claims the lives of men, women and children leaving the dejected descendants for a life-long misery.

The sources and recue part officials say that a wedding bus was carrying more than one hundred passengers to their destination in Chakwal when it fell into the valley 25 kilometers from Kahuta. 25 people are said to have been killed while another 40 sustained serious injuries.

A private channel report says that the local people rushed to their help and rescued the injured for the latter’s safe transportation to the hospital. The bus was completely damaged and the rescuers had to cut the bus seats and body to take out the injured and the dead bodies from inside the bus.

The accident was so severe that army was also called for help in the rescue matters. Rescue work was stopped due to darkness and the complicated paths of this mountain landscape.

Rawalpindi CPO has ordered investigation of the matter so that the cause of accident may come to the forefront.


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