Missile or UFO? Thousands of Jordanians and Israelis Watch ‘Catherine Wheel’

Catherine Wheel

Thousands of people in Israel, Jordan and Turkey watched a spinning ‘UFO’ making spiral movement in the sky. The residents of these countries got panicked at the incident as white glowing light spun round and round in the atmosphere.

Various theories suddenly came off with some people claiming it to be missile tests while the others to be a broken satellite. There were still some others who would attribute to some supernatural happening or a UFO.

The footage contains grains and small particles spinning around and it shows that a missile might have been broken into pieces in the atmosphere above.

Experts claim it to be a Russian technology and, therefore, a missile test. The same kind of light show scared the Norwegian people in 2009 when a Russian missile test was made.

The event took place at 8:45 pm in the evening and after a few hours; the Russian Defense Ministry said that a test rocket was launched six minutes before that panicking time.

The experts say that the missile was120 to 180 miles away in the sky and it is half way from the International Space Station which is 345 miles away from earth.


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