Recent drone attacks in Mir Ali kill 15, leaves many injured

Latest drone attack kills 15 people at Mir Ali, North Waziristan. The reports say that many people are injured during the attack when 2 US planes fired two separate missiles at two different compounds on Monday.  Some fighters are reported to have been killed during the eighth drone attack after the NATO conference in Chicago last month.

The continuing attacks are on their way and NATO does not seem to have any regard for Pakistan government’s move to stop these attacks.

Pakistan government has already banned NATO supplies to Afghanistan through Pakistani territory. The severe conflict has not ended when the US planes have again started their drone attacks on their targeted areas with Pakistani officials criticizing the incident.

Recent surveys of the year 2012 say that almost 150 people have already been killed in Pakistan during the drone attacks as US officials think that North Waziristan is the safe haven for the Afghan militants and Al-Qaida.

The previous years’ statistics say that the drone attacks carried out in Pakistan include 45 in 2009, 101 in 2012, and 64 in 2011 while this is the 8th attack during this year.


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