Say no to Cold drinks in RAMADAN!!!

Say no to Cold drinks

The hard truth about soft drinks (killer colas)

In the Islamic calendar, the most precious month in which Allah made fasting the fourth pillar of Islam and obligatory for all Muslims is Ramadan. In this month, prices of daily life goods are used to be incredibly high. But the most common commercials of these days “Rs. 10 off on 1.5 liter bottle” , “buy 1.5 liter of coke and get 500 ml free.” This surely is a relief for people and the owners of those corporations who are blessed with the greater amount of lucidity and their sins might be diminished in return of this good deed. Young generation mostly prefer to have so called soft drinks named only “soft” but have a damaging effect on human health. Cokes and other soft drinks of such kinds are considered an indispensable component of a large get-together of family, friend and parties. Every celebration, party or even a sorrow gathering of people, presence of “COKES” are mandatory. Their importance is greatly elevated by the commercials that used to play on TVs and as side ads on various websites. Though at first sight these drinks seem quite beneficial and economical to yet, these are equally perilous to health because of ingredients such as; carbonated water, citric acid, sodium benzoate food coloring, preservatives and aromas to make smell good enough to drink.

Having a glance on the ingredients of these drinks one sees various “Es”; which indicates composition of different ingredients. There is a component citric acid coded as E330, it is present in all the drinks as a key ingredient either they are cold, energy drinks or any stamina boosters. Another ‘E’ in this race is E338 commonly known as Ortho-phosphoric acid. A terrifying thing of this ingredient is its corrosive nature though it is a common ingredient found in Colas. It prevents calcium absorption inside the body and in turn leads to eyes and skin infection and serious bones problems such as osteoporosis. When a certain living creature dies its’ bones and teeth retain their original texture and shape even after years they were buried and their evidence is the existence of fossils of dinosaurs. Recent studies show that if a tooth is submerged in a vessel containing this drink it takes 10 days to get dissolved. Similarly, sodium benzoate listed as E 211, can be extremely harmful if you come to pass an allergic reaction to aspirin or if you have asthma. It has a tendency to aggravate asthma in a matter of seconds. According to students of Sheffield University in Britain, it can deactivate human DNA that may lead to Parkinson’s disease (movement disorder), liver infection and other diseases associated with it.

Aspartame is a substitute of sugar; gives sweet taste and is known as E951. Under certain conditions, it breaks down into methanol gas which may result in blindness and damage to optic nerve. Warm drinks frequently change it in to formaldehyde that is used to preserve specimens in laboratory. Yet, in human body it may cause joint pain, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, hearing problems, headache etc. Thus a savior is transformed to a fatal ingredient. According to FDA, Aspartame accounts for over 75% of the harmful reactions to food additives that may cause convulsion and death as well. Another ingredient of same race ‘Sodium Cyclamate’ an E coded as E952 and commonly known as artificial sweetener was banned by FDA because of it cancer causing actions. Although World Health Organization (WHO) later liberated it from this accuse and verified it to be safe for usage but still potential of cancer is there.

From last two decades adult and childhood obesity is greatly increased and all these are the blessing of the increment in sale of colas, sodas, energy beverages, and sports drinks to different parts of the world


Due to high sugar and caloric content the rate of obesity and diabetes throughout the world is kept on increasing. It’s also found that 12-ounce bottle with artificial sweetener can increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes by 33%. A recent study followed by examining 40,000 men that sugary drinks per day will increase 20% higher risk of having heart diseases. One bottle of coke adds about 10 teaspoons of sugar in our body that changes in to unlike fat. As Colas pacifies our thirst and seems energetics they comprises of certain ingredients that are dangerous to human health though in bottles they are present in diluted form; these can be used to remove stains and rust from engines and other metal parts.

It is a well-known quote that “excess of everything is bad” this line well suits the usage of coke and other such so called soft drinks. Utilizing too much colas and sodas increase the probability of anxiety and loss of consciousness in people. This allege against colas was supported by an unpleasant incident that occurred in Delhi University a few years back. The winner drank almost 9 bottles and instead of celebrating his win got fainted. Upon analyzing it was concluded that the faintness occurred due to accumulation of CO2 in blood and of course the provider of this gas was no other than the bottles that he drank. Later after that incident the university banned every such beverage in campus.

From last two decades adult and childhood obesity is greatly increased and all these are the blessing of the increment in sale of colas, sodas, energy beverages, and sports drinks to different parts of the world. Moreover their consumption also elevated the risk of colas, sodas, energy beverages, and sports drinks has expanded to different parts of the world. Approximately one third of American citizens are overweight and another third are found to be obese due to excessive consumption of drinks. According to Harvard School of Public Health, if the amount of sweetener is reduced from drinks then the prevalence of obesity and related disease will be reduced as well. Now, it solely depends on us either we got attracted by flashes of TV commercials and spoil our lives using soft drinks that have  hazardous impact on internal organs; quit from their usage or to improvise a better procedure will be highly useful to make healthier organs.

The writer is a Research Associate at The Urban Unit.


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